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Antikernenergie groepen wereldwijd


Earthlife Southafrica

Coalition  Against Nuclear Energy (southafrica) 





United Kingdom

Stop Nuclear Power koepelorganisatie die met name de kleinere lokale groepen een platform biedt 

Nuclear Free Local Authorities ondersteunt lokale overheden in hun streven naar een schoon milieu en betere veiligheid voor hun burgers 

No Nuclear Trains verzet zich tegen nucleaire transporten per trein door dichtbevolkte gebieden  

No2Nuclear Power houdt het nieuws over(ker)energie in de UK goed bij 

Nuclear Waste Advisory Associates groep onafhankelijke deskundigen op het gebied van kernafval 

Verenigde Staten

Energy Net  Working since 1977 to promote non-nuclear renewable energy sources in California.

Alliance for Nuclear Accountability  The ANA is a network representing the concerns of communities in the shadows of the U.S. nuclear weapons sites and radioactive waste dumps.

Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout The CNP represents a coalition of Canadian public interest organizations concerned with the environmental consequences of nuclear power generation.

Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility A coalition dedicated to education and research on all issues related to nuclear energy, especially those pertaining to Canada.

Citizen Alert To assure public participation and government accountability on issues that affect the land and people of Nevada.

Committee for Nuclear Responsibility A Californian based non-profit, educational group organized to provide independent analyses of the health effects and sources of ionizing radiation.

Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety CCNS is an organization focused on increasing public awareness concerning the issues posed by radioactivity and the nuclear industry. Up to date site.

Energy Probe A well-known Toronto-based group with a lot of expertise and information on Canadian nuclear issues.

Indigenous Environmental Network Hotspots on nuclear issues.

ITER project Campaign against proposed ITER fusion reactor in Canada

Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force Five reasons why you should oppose Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump.

Nuclear Information Resource Service NIRS

Nukebusters A grassroots, volunteer organization concerned with environmental pollution and health issues surrounding exposure to (nuclear) toxins.

Nukewatch Background information on Nukewatch and their programs.

Physicians for Global Survival (Canada)

Plutonium Free Future Information about nuclear power, nuclear weapons, nuclear waste and citizen action for human survival.

Prairie Island Coalition PlC was sparked in 1990 by Northern States Power Company plans to store high-level nuclear waste from its Prairie Island reactors (PI) in the flood plain of the Mississippi River.

Proposition One Citizen group against nuclear weapons.

Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy Project Nuclear power and reactor safety.

Rocky Flats Citizens Advisory Board Rocky Flats is a former nuclear weapons plant outside of Denver, Colorado that is now in the process of environmental remediation and management of stored plutonium and radioactive wastes.

Sierra Club Nuclear Waste Task Force The Mission of the Nuclear Waste Task Force is to raise Sierra Club and public consciousness concerning the many sided, intermeshed, environmental problems associated with the production and management of nuclear waste.

Snake River Alliance An organization which focusses its work on nuclear issues, monitoring activities at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, located in a highly unstable geological area over the Snake River Aquifer.

Three Mile Island Alert Twenty years after the accident...